I have created artworks for large public spaces and also many peoples homes.  Each involves a dialogue, and I enjoy the challenge of creating a piece of art that is just right for that place and person.  I have worked to commission throughout my career. Before graduating from Goldsmiths College in London, I received a commission through the Royal School of Needlework to create a large collage for the Marquess of Bath to hang in Longleat House.

I have always been both painter and textile artist and so from that first commission I was able to use my skills as a painter to prepare the design, which was discussed, revised and agreed before the final artwork was begun.  This has proved key to success as everyone knows what to expect and any issues that might arise have been worked through at an early stage.

People commission my collages because they want a piece of art that particularly meets their needs.  Think of commissioning as a dialogue, so share any thoughts that you have on the subject. With all commissions the client needs to consider the subject, scale and colour palette relevant to their space.  In deciding the size and proportions it can be useful to tack a piece of paper to the wall where the art is going to hang. This gives the chance to stand back and see how that shape and size will look.  Providing photographs of the room and swatches of fabric and paints help towards the work being seamlessly tailored to your needs.

Having received all this information I then prepare a watercolour design, scan this and email the image to you.  This is discussed and can be adjusted as required. When you are happy with the result I move on to the textile collage.  When this is complete I photograph it and again email the image. Only when this is approved do I send the final artwork to you.



The payment process comes in two parts. I require a 50% deposit to begin the project. Half of this is a non-refundable design fee but if a customer decides not to progress with the commission after the design phase I return the other 25%. Happily no-one has so far done this. When I have completed the collage and the client has approved the image sent to them, I invoice for the final payment of 50% and this must be paid before the artwork is delivered.

Shipping costs and any duties payable are dependent on the destination. I can quote for shipping but the customer is liable for duties on receipt of the package. The good news for those living in North America is that there is no duty payable on original artwork although customs do charge for handling the paperwork, dependent on the value of the shipment.

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