High Summer Hedgerow, Crean

In July of 2021 I noticed a rich array of flowers in the hedgerows around me in the far west of Cornwall.  I realised the hedges had not been flailed, a practice that rips all growth to shreds.  For all my adult life I had thought of the real glory of our Cornish hedges was in May, with its froth of cowparsley accompanied by bluebells and red campion.   I now know this can continue through the summer, with a gorgeous array of flowers including those you see here; Tufted vetch, yarrow and honeysuckle.  With the flowers come the bugs, the bees and butterflies.  If they are present, the birds will follow.  The hedges were finally cut in winter, ready for what I hope will again be a flower filled summer.

104cm x 91.5cm (41" x 36")