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I had the opportunity to make this little video, sitting in-front of a good camera and talking about my artwork.

I love the aesthetic of an orchard with trees in flower and fruit. I have planted the turf below my trees with bulbs and wildflowers so that its season begins at the turn of the year with a flowering meadow that continues through the spring. Favourites among the flowers are the crocuses, but birds like them too and often eat the flowers before I can appreciate their beauty. Meeting a handsome pheasant who had dined well, I decided that rather than be furious I should see this as an opportunity, and so I created this collage in celebration of his beauty as well as the meadow’s.

Snowdrops are the first flowers of the season and fill my garden with their fragile white and green. I love them most where they reach down towards the river and echo the white water as the flow of the river wraps around granite boulders.
Bringing water and plants together in art is particularly satisfying and is for me the essence of this valley.

White crocuses grow in the dappled light of my garden and are a favourite with queen bumblebees in early spring. I have created a collage inspired by these big bumbles and the ethereal white crocus flowers.

A hundred years ago Narcissus were grown commercially in tiny fields on the coast of West Cornwall. These are long neglected and overgrown but each spring flowers emerge to decorate the cliffs with colour.

I was working in the garden when I noticed the buzzing around the tree heather was really loud. A dozen queen bumble-bees were feeding from the flowers. This is my homage to them. Chorus: Bombus terrestris (Buff-tailed bumble-bee), solo: Erithacus rubecula (robin).

In 2012 I was invited to take part in an exhibition in Japan, at the Kyoto Municipal Art Gallery. I visited Kyoto for the exhibition and went to many shrines and gardens. The plum trees were in flower and I have created this artwork inspired by my favourite orchard below the stone ramparts of Nijo Castle.

I love all the crow family but have a particular liking for rooks. They are my neighbours but very shy and this moment in early spring when they are nesting is the time to get closer to them. It is just the moment when the woodland floor is a mass of celandines.

Some words cross cultural divides better than others; you may see this title as having issues but you will love the tiny birds hunting for caterpillars in the tree tops. Trust me. I certainly enjoyed translating them into collage.