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The oak woods that line the banks of tidal estuaries on Cornwall's south coast have a particular beauty. I hope I have conveyed something of this in my textile collage 'Overhanging Oak'.

The variety of leaf colour on one maple tree can be extraordinary. Autumn breezes have been blowing them from my tree and I have watched the leaves float by.

An autumn Sunday brings people and their dogs to the edge of the sea. Tall, short, old and young, all put a paw in the water and some glory in the surf.

Crabapple trees are a favourite of mine and I keep planting more. Just one is enough for crabapple jelly, which is delicious to eat and stunning to look at, real satisfaction in a jar.

There are days that are absolutely calm, but clear, clean waves come crashing onto the beach at Sennen. My plan is to spend much of the winter creating textile collages of waves and the sea. This is the first video to set the mood.

As my Cornish orchard has grown so has the harvest of apples. Many are stored in crates in my garden shed which smells divine, but a large portion of apples are pressed for juice. My brothers built me an apple press from a 20 tonne hydraulic garage press. This video shows the processes from apple to glass. The taste of juice pressed from my own apples is so good, it encapsulates the sunshine of summer.

Autumn in my garden is celebrated with grasses and apples. In this textile collage I have brought them together in an exuberant display of colour and movement. I have hand dyed silks and velvets to create the patterns of red and green and gold on each apple. Fluffy heads of miscanthus flowers explode through the fruit laden boughs.

The sculptural forms of wild angelica stand out among the heather and grasses of the Cornish moors in high summer. Their flower-heads can echo the shapes of scudding clouds while golden grasses sway all around. I have hand-dyed satin for the sky while the plant forms stand forward in a collage of silk, satin and velvet. All shimmer in the light.

If you want to feel the wind in your hair this is the place, looking down on the North coast of Cornwall, and the South, and to the west the Land's End. This has been the inspiration for my art; for the handsome outcrops of granite, the rich sea of heather, and the far reaching landscapes all with a backdrop of Ocean.

In my Cornish, woodland garden I know of no flowers that age more intriguingly than hydrangeas. My white hydrangea gradually changes to shades of green while the edges of each flower blush to pink. I have created a textile collage, hand dyeing silks, satins and velvets to describe the changes within each flower.