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Some ferries have particular charm and the very individual Odessa, that crosses the Zaissan Reservoir in Kazakhstan is one you have to love. Among the fellow travelers are swallows, sparrows and wagtails, all residents of the ferry following the bugs across the water and back again.

Two visits to the Burkhart Pass, with its mass of alpine flowers under a blue sky was the highlight of a botanical tour of The Altai Mountains of Kazakhstan in June of 2015. Acres of Violas reached up to snow-melt were they kept company with gentians and erythroniums. White anemones echoed the forms of the white clouds scudding across the sky ,and irises scented the air.

While delivering artwork to The Devon Guild of Craftsmen I noticed people pause and look over the parapet of the bridge, down into the clear, golden water of the river below.

The Iron Age cliff fort of Treryn Dinas is a granite promontory with spectacular views of ocean waves breaking over pale golden sand. In late spring bluebells and seapinks fill every crevice with colour. I have created a textile collage of this spectacular combination of ocean, lichened rocks and flowers.

Crete is an island of mountains. Famed for the beauty of its flora, it is a place I have always wanted to visit in spring. I have just returned from a botanical tour with Greentours a wonderful experience providing a wealth of visual material for my art. These are the plants and landscapes that will inspire my art through the year to come.

The Gargano Peninsula in Southern Italy is famed for its wild orchids. I have created a series of textile collages of the orchids as they emerge from among limestone boulders. You can follow the pieces as they take form in my studio, accompanied to the sounds of birdsong and the bells of Podolico cows that graze the hillsides.

Choughs are the emblem of Cornwall but for most of my lifetime they were absent from the county. They returned in 2001 and now many walks along the coast of West Cornwall are accompanied by their calls as they fly with the jackdaws. They pair for life and are almost always seen in couples. Poldark is not the only romance among the tin mines on the Cornish cliffs.

In early spring I yearn for sunshine so I can bask in its warmth and light. The same is true for overwintering butterflies such as the Peacock Butterfly on the cliff above Nanjizal.

There is a particular elegance to the waves that curve into Whitesands Bay at Gwenver. They seem to weave together in a stately dance. In this textile collage I describe the interacting forms in hand-dyed, light reflective fabrics that shift and change like the sea.

Seeking an antidote to January, I have created 'Red Anemones in Olive Grove' a textile collage full of summer sunlight that shifts and changes as you walk by