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Mid-summer morning in a Kazakh Village in the foothills of The Altai Mountains. In a landscape of Granite, the houses and fences are all of wood, from the extremely rustic to the wildly decorative.

Deep blue Agapanthus have been flowering just outside my studio, together with Hydrangea aspera with its lace-like flower heads in moonlight colours. Entranced by this combination, I have created a textile collage that explores the patterns and colours of these plants in hand-dyed fabrics.

The National Dahlia Collection at Varfell grows within sight of St Michael's Mount in Cornwall. The field is filled with colour, with the dahlias taking many different forms. This year the single flowers were particularly fascinating to me and the bees. There was quite a buzz.

A botanical tour of The Altai Mountains of Kazakhstan in June 2015 was made more fascinating by the wealth of butterflies, some familiar, others excitingly new. I came to a new appreciation of white butterflies, most notably the Apollo with its lovely markings and translucent wings. Many will enter my art, but enjoy them first in this short introduction to the butterflies of this corner of Kazakhstan.

Superbly scented yellow lilies grow in my garden and were a joy to have in the studio, filling the air with perfume. I have created a textile collage of the lilies, weaving them together with Campanula lactiflora and Peacock and Painted Lady butterflies that flew into the composition. Enjoy high summer inspired by a Cornish garden and celebrated in hand-dyed silks, satins and velvets.

With a round trip of almost 250 to deliver artworks to The Devon Guild of Craftsmen at Bovey Tracey I always go up onto Dartmoor during my visit. A favourite place in the quarry below Haytor, full of life and fascination for an artist.

Some ferries have particular charm and the very individual Odessa, that crosses the Zaissan Reservoir in Kazakhstan is one you have to love. Among the fellow travelers are swallows, sparrows and wagtails, all residents of the ferry following the bugs across the water and back again.

Two visits to the Burkhart Pass, with its mass of alpine flowers under a blue sky was the highlight of a botanical tour of The Altai Mountains of Kazakhstan in June of 2015. Acres of Violas reached up to snow-melt were they kept company with gentians and erythroniums. White anemones echoed the forms of the white clouds scudding across the sky ,and irises scented the air.

While delivering artwork to The Devon Guild of Craftsmen I noticed people pause and look over the parapet of the bridge, down into the clear, golden water of the river below.

The Iron Age cliff fort of Treryn Dinas is a granite promontory with spectacular views of ocean waves breaking over pale golden sand. In late spring bluebells and seapinks fill every crevice with colour. I have created a textile collage of this spectacular combination of ocean, lichened rocks and flowers.