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Through the long days of summer I brought the blue and white flowers of Agapanthus, Romneya and Nigella into my studio, creating their likenesses in textile collage. Although winter has now come I have balanced these elements below a blue sky with billowing clouds. Blue butterflies dance in the air, and I can feel the delight of summer despite the gloom outside.

Buzzards often fly overhead, but there are closer encounters with the birds that use the windswept hawthorn trees along our quiet roads for perches. They fly up as cars approach, dwarfing the hawthorns.

I take real delight in seeing clothes drying on the washing line, absorbing all that fresh air and sunshine. The butterflies like sun-soaked fabric too.

Many creatures come to dine on my apples but the songbirds come to sing and my cat just to enjoy my company, although the birds are none to keen on that one.

Knapweed arrived uninvited in my garden but is beloved by bees so I have come to love it too. Its dark stems reach up through Stipa tenuissima with its fine hair-like stems and flowers. The shifting light through the grasses is reflected in my textile collage and you can almost hear the buzzing of the bees.

Having delivered art to Cornwall Crafts at Trelissick I walked down to the water, where people were enjoying the autumn sunshine and a Robin was singing to the world.

Mid-summer morning in a Kazakh Village in the foothills of The Altai Mountains. In a landscape of Granite, the houses and fences are all of wood, from the extremely rustic to the wildly decorative.

Deep blue Agapanthus have been flowering just outside my studio, together with Hydrangea aspera with its lace-like flower heads in moonlight colours. Entranced by this combination, I have created a textile collage that explores the patterns and colours of these plants in hand-dyed fabrics.

The National Dahlia Collection at Varfell grows within sight of St Michael's Mount in Cornwall. The field is filled with colour, with the dahlias taking many different forms. This year the single flowers were particularly fascinating to me and the bees. There was quite a buzz.

A botanical tour of The Altai Mountains of Kazakhstan in June 2015 was made more fascinating by the wealth of butterflies, some familiar, others excitingly new. I came to a new appreciation of white butterflies, most notably the Apollo with its lovely markings and translucent wings. Many will enter my art, but enjoy them first in this short introduction to the butterflies of this corner of Kazakhstan.