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In the holy city of Varanasi in India, those goats most favoured by their humans are dressed to protect them from the winter chill.

Leaving my frozen valley I went down to Porthcurno to look at sunlit winter waves. Strewn on the sand and tossed in the foam were roses. Who consigned them to the waves and why I do not know. They were an incongruous but beautiful addition to the afternoon.

Fulfilling a long held ambition, I visited the Huangshan Mountains in China when the Magnolias were in flower. The inspiration for traditional Chinese landscape painting, we experienced the clouds wrapping around us, then drifting away to reveal layer upon layer of sculpted rocks hung with pine trees. This ephemeral experience of shifting forms continued as we walked; and remains a haunting memory of perfect beauty.

A near perfect garden bonfire on a quiet December morning with crisp leaves and crackling flames.

From design to finished artwork, this video takes you through the creation of the commissioned collage 'Anna and the Foxes' which explores the natural beauty of the West Side of San Juan Island in Washington State.

At the age of 84 my mother spoke of her life in Cornwall, of her gardens and her art. I grew up with this richness of influences.

My mother, reflecting in old age on her young life in Cornwall and the experiences that formed her as artist and gardener. Summers in Sennen Cove and gardens her mother created. Tracing her innate creativity through the making of dollshouses, shared by a father she hardly knew. With the passing of generations oral history is so swiftly lost. This is a fragment from the past; part of family's history recorded on a summer's day in a garden full of flowers.

Zoe Kovacs is a sculptor living in Cornwall and carving in stone. Her new series of work is very free and immediate, sketching in stone, particularly tufa.

Giant bamboo is harvested as a delicious edible crop. Visiting China in spring we saw baskets of shoots for sale, and slices drying in the street in baskets and on washing lines.

Kestrels, confident of their own abilities, are not shy of people who pass through their territory along the coast of Cornwall. There is often a chance to see them hover and plunge and soar. All with a backdrop of the Atlantic Ocean.