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Solar lights have brought a whole new element into my garden, encouraging me to experience dusk and darkness in the summer warmth.

Happily beautiful women still fill the gardens of China, just as they do in traditional Chinese art. Now however they record themselves.

Fun and Art and tasty too.

A delight of traditional Chinese gardens is the way the eye is led through spaces framed by windows and doors, themselves works of art.

Life and Art in Suzhou.

Traveling in China in the spring of 2016 we visited a number of beautiful old villages, exploring their architecture and seeing how this relates to the current owners use of the buildings.

Although the tiny terraced fields on the cliffs of West Cornwall are long abandoned, narcissus appear each spring and flower in wonderful variety.

With a winter so mild I am surrounded by a wonderful array of flowers and so have decided to join the Valentines Day Flower Count instigated by the National Trust in Devon and Cornwall. Here they are.

The first sunshine of the year came on the third day and I and the bees came out to enjoy its warmth, the bees feasting on the nectar of Tree Heather.

The Peschanka Dunes of Kazakhstan were formed 60 million years ago and so plants and animals are well adjusted to this sandy environment. The Toad-headed Agamas merge seamlessly with the sand, hardly visible until they move, but once seen these lizards are entrancing to watch.