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Water Prayers

The Tibetans harness air, stone and water, the elements of their land, to reach out in perpetual prayers. A side stream slipping into the Yulong River in the Eastern Himalayas provides power for these water driven prayer wheels. From gleaming brass wheels newly installed, to other older styles, the prayer wheels reach up the mountainside; forever turning.

If You were a Goat?

A flower rich meadow on the slopes of the Eastern Himalayas had a small herd of goats eating away. They were however browsing not grazing, reaching up, not down for their chosen delicacies. Goats, flowers and mountains; it was quite a place.

Cornwall Crafst Association at Trelowarren

Cornwall Craft Association's Gallery at Trelowarren is a magnificent space that shows the makers' work to its best. The gallery occupies the whole ground floor of a Georgian stable block in the walled gardens of the lovely Trelowarren estate. Visitors drive through woodland, an Ilex Avenue, and across farmland looking out across the Helford River. Enjoy the journey, and the work of many the finest crafts people of Cornwall.


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