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Mexican Tree of Life

Visiting the rain forests of southern Mexico I was enchanted by the rich array of trees and also the gorgeous wildlife they supported. Spider and Howler monkeys climbed high in the canopy to reach flowers to eat while birds, butterflies and bats also made the branches their home. My greatest enthusiasm was for the Iguanas, the males resplendent in courting colours.

Handmade Textiles San Cristobal

The market in San Cristobal in Chiapas ,Mexico is full of women selling hand-crafted textiles. The work is full of colour and vitality and variety, reflecting these women's culture and traditions and also the world around them in which birds and bugs and animals fill the flowering trees with life. If you ever get a chance, visit San Cristobal and take lots of Pesos to spend in the market, I only wish I had taken more.

Fountains in the Sunshine

Solar fountains are dependent on sunshine to flow, and so in the dappled light of my garden they continually change shape. Sometimes they are no more than a gurgle, then they plume up in sunlit sparkles. This shape shifting is hypnotically fascinating and adds to the 'theatre' of my courtyard gardens.


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