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Dawn Chorus in Marrakech

The green of Marrakech is concentrated in the courtyard gardens and so are the birds. At dawn this explodes in song. Sparrows, House Buntings and Bulbuls are the main players. This is the courtyard of the Riad Laila, a lovely oasis in the intense business of the city.

Fatimah of the Kasbah

The courtyard gardens of Morocco are a delight, often full of both fruit trees and flowers and, it seems, tortoises. I met Fatima in the town of Taliouine, south of the Atlas Mountains. She was a tortoise of enterprise although she did not always get her way.

Bee Companions

Loving colour, and gardening on the wild side, I am surrounded by flowers. Bees have taken notice and become my near companions in both garden and house, although when it comes to accommodation they are very discreet in their ways and we live in harmony.


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