Cornish Hedge in May 1

Cornish Hedge in May textile collage Amanda Richardson Artist
Cornish hedges, built with stone and soil, are virtually linear gardens lining our roads and bounding the fields. In May each year they are a glory. This collage has been framed using an inoperative style created by Dave Marshall. The price includes this frame. Dave Marshall Bespoke Sculpted Shadow Frames Dave’s unique pieces are created in response to individual works of art. His background in precisely repairing and re-finishing high quality cars has honed his skills of accuracy and quality of finish which has led him to applying this method of working to an innovative framing concept. There are two fundamental components to each frame. The mount board is cut to fit exactly the subject being framed and the surrounding frame is cut to precisely mirror the outline of the art work, leaving an accurate and even ‘shadow’ gap. The surrounding frame is then finished in a three stage pearlescent automotive paint to car bodywork standards. 07854016848




31.5 inches x 24.5 inches artwork alone, frame 34.3 inches x 28 inches
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