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Carn Galver 19-01-18

Carn Galver collage in progress Amanda Richardson Artist

The initial blocking in of this collage of Carn Galver is almost complete, now for the fine detail.

dyed silk on the line

dyed silk on the line

The collages I am planning all focus on granite. My line has been full of dyed silk on its journey towards rock.

Carn Galver 12-01-18

Carn Galver acrylic ink on paper Amanda Richardson Artist

Returning to the coast of Cornwall as a subject for my textile collages, I have decided to work from a series of paintings I made out in the landscape. I love working outside but of course this does not work for collage, however it is perfect for these acrylic ink paintings on paper. This is Carn Galver, a high point in the far west of Cornwall; a magnificent pile of granite covered in heather and gorse that flower in high summer.


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