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Gladiolus nanus 21-07-18

Gladiolus nanus texile collage Amanda Richardson Artist

Another white flower brought into the studio to work from before it fades away in our hot sunny summer.

White Spider Chrysanthemum 13-7-18

White Spider Chrysanthemum for textile collage Amanda Richardson Artist

Finding this Spider Chrysanthemum irresistible, I have brought it into the studio and begun the cool white flowers. I seem to be moving into a white flower phase.

Foxgloves Porthcurno 22-06-18

Foxgloves Porthcurno textile collage Amanda Richardson Artist

An update on the Foxglove series. These are growing on the cliffs above Porthcurno, with that extraordinary turquoise sea below and a golden hue to the granite cliffs.

Bee Companions 11-6-18

Bees are my companions among the mass of flowers in the garden and the honey bees have also taken up residence in my house as you can see in the video.

Foxgloves 31-05-18

Foxgloves textile collage Amanda Richardson Artist

Foxgloves are flowering on the coast, in the hedgerows and in my garden. My foxglove ambitions are growing and so is the collection of spires on my worktable.


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