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Landscape progress 4-11-16

After building a landscape of rocks, grasses and trees for 'Anna and the Foxes' I am poised for the flowering of the Ocean Spray.

Working on the canvas 25-10-16

Working on the canvas of Anna and the Foxes collage

After all the preparation I am finally building the collage on the canvas. With artworks this size I work on the floor.

Audrey Robson 7-10-16

Ten years ago when my Mum was 84, I commissioned a film of her talking about her life to our friend Caroline Hemming. It was long and rambling, but I have drastically edited it down. This is oral history stretching back 90 years, liberally sprinkled with old photographs and also photos of my mother's art where she re-visited her childhood. Both women are now dead, but this is a fragment of the past; two dear friends in a sunlit garden. I hope you enjoy this video.

Ocean Spray flowers 116

Ocean Spray flowers textile collage Amanda Richardson Artist

The intricate work of cutting Ocean Spray (Holodiscus discolor) is well underway. I counted and there are at least 55 flower-heads on the main bush.


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