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Foxglove dye-work 14-06-19

Foxglove dye-work Amanda Richardson Artist

Disperse dyes I painted onto paper have been transformed into glowing brilliance by transference onto fabric.

Bluebell drawer 12-06-19

Bluebell drawer textile collage Amanda Richardson Artist

The satisfying sight of a drawer full of bluebells, replenishing the stock I used up this Spring.

Art during Open Studios 22-05-19

Generally, during Open Studios, I work on flowers and leaves; relatively simple things that demonstrate my art while leaving part of my brain free to talk with visitors. This year I have decided to work on a complex new piece for which these velvets have been dyed. A tunnel of green light created by trees overhanging a Cornish Lane. Time will tell if my brain can juggle all of this.

Apple Blossom 2-05-19

Apple Blossom for collage Amanda Richardson Artist

Apple blossom on lichened branches for my new collage of a wild apple tree growing beside a Cornish lane.


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