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Primroses 20-02-19

Primroses textile collage Amanda Richardson Artist

The primroses are opening their flowers to welcome this very early Spring. I have some in a pot I have brought into the studio to work from.

Farm Lane Narlai 07-01-19

Farm Lane Narlai textile collage in progress

This farm lane in Narlai had a long stretch of shallow water with women and cows splashing through.

Sacred Cow 1-01-19

Sacred Cow textile collage Amanda Richardson Artist

Back again after Christmas. Here is the sacred cow in textile collage with the figures that will keep her company.

drawing for 'Farm Lane Narlai' 15-12-18

drawing for 'Farm Lane Narlai'

I am often asked how I begin an artwork and this drawing shows the first stage. This is for my new collage of women and cow crossing a ford in rural India.


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