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waves below meadow 15-03-17

waves below meadow textile collage Amanda Richardson Artist

Although collage usually plays a big part in forming waves in my work, this time I am relying almost entirely on dye-work. I felt it conveyed all the sense of form and motion required for a backdrop to a cliff top meadow.

Camellia leaves 6-03-17

Camellia leaves textile collage Amanda Richardson Artist

Leaves can take as much time and care in their creation as flowers. With these camellia leaves the dyework was the greater part of this. I wanted to convey the curving surfaces of these glossy leaves.

Kidney Vetch 03-03-17

Kidney Vetch textile collage Amanda Richardson Artist

Kidney Vetch is not the most attractive name, but this is a very lovely plant that thrives on the cliffs of Cornwall. The most common colour for the flowers is yellow but at Godrevy this soft red can also be found.

Camellia Bob Hope 1-03-17

I brought the tiny shrub of the camellia 'Bob Hope' into the studio and have begun working from its gorgeous flowers.

Wild Carrot Flowers 22-02-17

Wild Carrot Flowers textile collage Amanda Richardson Artist

In June I shall have an exhibition in St Ives, and am beginning to focus on the art I shall hang there. These wild carrots are the first flowers for a cliff-top meadow at Godrevy, looking across the bay to St Ives.


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