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dye-work for iguana 24-03-18

dye-work for iguana textile collage Amanda Richardson Artist

With Spring still elusive, I have returned to thoughts of warm Mexican sunshine, with Iguanas basking on branches. This is the beginnings of the very detailed dye-work for a male Green Iguana (I know orange seems unlikely, but when he wants to impress this is their colour of choice)

Sumidero 11-03-18

Sumidero - textile collage

The birds and butterflies are flying about and deciding where to settle on this bough above Sumidero Canyon.

Bonampak Mexico 7-03-18


Bonampak with its ancient Maya buildings filled with coloured murals is even more colourful outside. This video gives a taste of a place both vibrant and ancient.

craft market San Cristobal Mexico 4-03-18

Mexico in February was full of life and colour, with birds and bugs and animals filling flowering trees with life. This was reflected in the craft market in San Cristobal in Chiapas, southern Mexico. Almost all the stalls sold textiles created and sold by the local women. Here is a short video to show you around.

Motmot and Bluewing

Motmot and Bluewing textile collage Amanda Richardson Arits

Having completed the Russet-crowned Motmot I have added a Mexican Bluewing to keep it amused.

dye-work Russet-crowned Motmots 27-02-18

dye-work for Russet-crowned Motmots Amanda Richardson Artist

In my imagination I was returning from Mexico to Spring in Cornwall. This has been postponed, it is very chilly out there. Remembering the glorious colour and warmth of Mexico is the way to go. I am beginning a collage of birds, butterflies and orchids above Sumidero Canyon. This is the initial dye-work for Russet-crowned Motmots.


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