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Huangshan commission 9-08-17

Huangshan commission on progress

Excitingly for me, I have been commissioned to create another Chinese Mountain collage. My 'Huangshan with Clouds' is too large for the space so this piece is made to measure.

If You were a Goat? 28-7-17

Returning from a botanical tour of the Eastern Himalayas there is so much to remember. This little video is about a flowering meadow with a herd of very contented goats among a feast of summer splendor.

Stone Prayers of the Himalayas

Just returned from the Eastern Himalayas, this is my first video about the trip. Mani stones are prayers carved in stone and are a form of land art I found particularly haunting and beautiful.

Salthouse exhibition 23-06-17

What does an artist do while manning a gallery all day? My answer is to create exacting dye-work for birds, butterflies and bees. It is easy to stop and talk to people, but they can feel they can look at art without my looking at them.
This is my last day St Ives so if you plan to come along, today is the day.

Salthouse exhibition 19-06-17

St Ives is so sunny that people are seeking shade and art in the Salthouse Gallery. I am cool and comfortable and looking forward to meeting all who visit.

Salthouse exhibition opening soon 15-06-17

My exhibition opens at the Salthouse Gallery, St Ives on Saturday 17th June 2017. You can find it in the heart of Downalong; Norway Square, St Ives TR26 1NB
It will be wonderful to see all of you who can come along. I shall be hanging the art on Saturday morning, but shall be ready to welcome you for the rest of the week.


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