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Red Rose fabric 13-09-17

Red Rose fabric

This velvet has been dyed for the background to my next hummingbird collage. When I lived on San Juan Island in Washington State I grew many honeysuckle vines for my Rufus Hummingbirds to feast on. Then and now my honeysuckle twines around deep red roses, a combination I love and a perfect setting for a hummingbird.

Snow in Summer with Jewel Colours 29-08-17

Seeing the high Himalayan flowers as fragments of colour bursting through a blanket of snow, was a strange and wonderful experience. This video gives you a glimpse of the Chola Shan in high summer with very unexpected weather.

Croscosmia and Anna reflected 24-08-17

Croscosmia and Anna reflected

A very challenging piece of dye-work creating the reflection of both hummingbird and crocosmia. I used Disperse dyes painted onto paper and then heat transferred onto fabric.


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