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bamboo 21-04-17

bamboo collage Amanda Richardson Artist

After some tricky dye-work on the bamboo canes, the background bamboo is in place ready for me to add the camellia 'Bob Hope' and perhaps a couple of songbirds as they spend so much time in the camellias.

Meadow Godrevy 5-04-17

Godrevy meadow textile collage Amanda Richardson Artist

With so much sea in the composition, it needed to have more form and drama. I have introduced breaking waves that take your eye back into the ocean.

waves below meadow 15-03-17

waves below meadow textile collage Amanda Richardson Artist

Although collage usually plays a big part in forming waves in my work, this time I am relying almost entirely on dye-work. I felt it conveyed all the sense of form and motion required for a backdrop to a cliff top meadow.


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