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Maple leaves 3rd November 2014

this is the dye-work for Maple leaves

My plan is to try to convey maple leaves floating both beneath and on the surface of the river. This is the dye-work for the leaves themselves.

Autumn Floatig By

Maple leaves fall from my tree and float by in the river.

The variety of leaf colour on one maple tree can be extraordinary. Autumn breezes have been blowing them from my tree and I have watched the leaves float by, as you can see on this one minute video.

Sennen Sea Dogs

Sennen Sea Dogs

An autumn Sunday brings people and their dogs to the edge of the sea. Tall, short, old and young, all put a paw in the water and some glory in the surf.

20th October 2014- Queen Bees

queen bees have come into my house for winter

For many years, with the coming of autumn queen bees came into my house looking for a quiet corner to sleep through the winter. In spring they asked to go out again. Then disease came to the world's bee population and one spring no bees asked to go out. After our glorious summer my house is again buzzing with bees and how welcome they are.

17th October 2014 Sea Sennen 1

There are days that are absolutely calm, but clear, clean waves come crashing onto the beach at Sennen. My plan is to spend much of the winter creating textile collages of waves and the sea. This is the first video to set the mood.


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