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Caught in a Web 17/11/14

Caught in a Web

Finished collages are photographed outside. 'Autumn Floating By' attracted interest from some of my neighbours ,as you can see if you look carefully at the spider's web in this detail. I almost took this visit as a compliment to my artistry.

Spider's web 14/11/14

Spider's web overhanging an autumn river, textile collage

My autumn river with maple leaves is now overhung with flowering grasses. These are strung with a spider's web; a new adventure for me that takes my collage technique to the limit of finely cut filaments of fabric.

Floating leaves 10/11/14

Floating leaves

Having added a lot more dye-work to the river, I am now pinning on maple leaves to try different arrangements of floating leaves.

Dyeing a river 5/11/14

Dyeing a river

These are both satins, one in pale blue the other silver-grey. I have dyed both as potential backgrounds for the floating maple leaves. There is the suggestion of leaves below the surface which will become far more obvious when other leaves are added in collage.

Maple leaves 3rd November 2014

this is the dye-work for Maple leaves

My plan is to try to convey maple leaves floating both beneath and on the surface of the river. This is the dye-work for the leaves themselves.

Autumn Floatig By

Maple leaves fall from my tree and float by in the river.

The variety of leaf colour on one maple tree can be extraordinary. Autumn breezes have been blowing them from my tree and I have watched the leaves float by, as you can see on this one minute video.


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