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building a wave 11/12/14

textile collage, building a wave

This foaming wave is beginning to take form. The weave of the blue-green satins runs in different directions so that the clear water will glint and shift as you walk by.

Bluebell Meadow with Orchids

textile collage 'Bluebell Meadow with Orchids'

Although I always encourage people to commission a completely original textile collage, there are times when the subject is perfect but the dimensions are not. Bluebell Meadow with Orchids is such a piece. This original piece is still available on my website at

textile collage 'Bluebell Meadow with Orchids 2'

I have adapted the subject of 'Bluebell Meadow with Orchids' to fit a horizontal format. It is a new piece of art with its own composition, and hopefully has the enthusiasm and energy of the first version.

Cornwall Crafts at Penlee House, Penzance 1/12/14

Cornwall Crafts at Penlee House, Penzance 1/12/14

The Cornwall Crafts Association's Christmas exhibition at Penlee House in Penzance is the only chance to see the associations work in the far west of Cornwall. It is a great show and certainly worth a visit.

Camellia 'Rainbow' 28/11/14

Collage 'Camellia 'Rainbow'' in its final stages

This is the fine tuning stage of 'Camellia 'Rainbow' above River'. Having fixed the glue on the collage I hung it up and realised another branch was needed to improve the sense of movement through the composition. I am building in this final element, a luxury of the collage technique.

China? 26/11/14

I have just got back from a meeting with a China Business Adviser from China-Britain Business Council. A fascinating discussion and now I have to decide just how much effort I would be prepared to put into developing this new and challenging market for my art.

Sea Bathing in November 24/11/14

Sea Bathing in November

On a walk yesterday the air was clear, the sun was shining, and the keenest amongst us were enjoying the refreshing experience of a plunge in the North Atlantic in Late November. Personally I found three layers of thermals just comfy. Enjoy the Video.

Camellia 'Rainbow' 20/11/14

Camellia 'Rainbow' textile collage Amanda Richardson Artist

Camellia 'Rainbow' is in full flower above my little river and so I have chosen it to overhang my second river collage. Creating the flowers reminds me of how much I like single flowered camellias, and most of all those with prominent stamens.


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