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Saltcellarhats 15-1-15

A Saltcellar Hat to keep me warm in my studio

In Porthleven last week I bought my new Studio Hat. This, together with black fur ski boots, is keeping me cosy. Unless it gets really cold, wearing many thermal layers is my answer to winter. I had great fun trying on hats, and for anyone finding themselves in Cornwall, do go to the Saltcellar Workshops.

Red Anemones 14-1-15

Red Anemones textile collage Amanda Richardson Artist

The red anemones are flourishing beneath the ancient olive tree. Amazingly the last flower of the bunch I bought four weeks ago has just faded.

Podolico Cows - A Right to Roam

Podolico Cows - A Right to Roam - Amanda Richardson Artist

The Podolico cows of Southern Italy roam free in the landscape. How I wish all cattle had this experience, it was a joy to witness. You can listen to their bells as they walk through the spring landscapes of the Gargano Peninsula.

Olive Grove with Anemones in progress 9-01-15

Olive Grove with Anemones textile collage  in progress

Viewing a textile collage from the top of the image allows me to see the tonal values as they will be when hung. With this olive grove with anemones I can judge the effect of light and shade across the landscape.

Teal Wave 1 Video 6/1/15

Teal Wave 1 Video of textile collage

The rich surfaces and light reflection of my textile collages are particularly suited to creating the dynamic qualities of moving water. The wave curves through deep sea-greens and teal then crashes in intricately cut foam of silk, satin and velvet.

An Olive Tree taking form 5/1/15

An Olive Tree taking form in textile collage Amanda Richardson Artist

The ancient olive tree is taking shape with hand-dyed satins and velvets being added to the silks. I find this mixing of textures and surfaces brings life to a collage.

Amanda in 1979 1/01/15

Amanda Richardson with collage 1979

Perhaps an odd choice for New Year's Day but The Helston Packet recently published a section titled 'Step Back in Time' and there I was. They claimed it was 1987 but my best guess is 1979. We lived in a lovely old cottage made of cob (mud, straw and animal hair). Honeysuckle wound around the porch and would stray through my open window in summer. After we had left it was discovered the honeysuckle had been dining on the cob walls, clever thing.

Silks for an olive tree

Hand dyed silks for an olive tree collage

These silks have been dyed and patterned for the trunk of an ancient tree that has been split and bleached by many seasons.

Drawing for Anemones in Olive Grove 26/12/14

Drawing for Anemones in Olive Grove

There are times when I plunge straight into a collage but more often there is a planning stage where the weight and movement of the composition is decided in a pencil drawing. This is the design for Anemones in Olive Grove. An ancient olive tree is playing a central role, its trunk split by time.


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