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22nd September 2014

White Hydrangea with Grasses, textile collage, Amanda Richardson

My white hydrangea has reached the perfect balance of pure white flowers and those where the edges of florets have blushed to pink and the flower-heads are now suffused with green. I hope you enjoy this video of the hydrangea in my garden and art.

19th September 2014

To encourage everyone to engage with and explore my website I have created a miniature textile collage which has a simple white painted wooden frame. I shall be offering this artwork to the first person whose name I draw from a hat on the 22nd September. Everyone who visits my website and responds to the offer by filling in the Special Offer form will be entered and you are welcome to join in. Here is 'Poppy and Barley

18th September 2014

Textile collage 'Heather and Grasses 1' 22.5 inches x 18 inches is hot off the table and can be found in the Landscape Album of the Gallery.

17th September 2014

Heather and grasses 2

The heather is now in full flower, in many shades of purple velvet. This provides a rich backdrop for the fine lines of the moorland grasses.

16th September 2014

I am working on what I hope will be the first in a series of textile collages of heather and grasses. Both are in flower on the moors and are full of the richness and warmth of autumn.

15th September 2014

I filled St Levan church with sunflowers for the wedding on Saturday and the sun shone.

The church was filled with golden light held in golden flowers.

12th September 2014

I have offered to arrange the flowers for a wedding in St Levan Church on Saturday so my kitchen is now filled with hot and gorgeous colour all ready for the journey to the tiny, granite church. We decided to fill this cool space with the sunshine colours of autumn.

9th September 2014

Having amassed all the subtle red-green shades of velvet, satin and silk, I am working on the Wild Angelica flowers for a moorland piece, all sky and openness and Autumn.

8th September 2014

Making a photographic record of a textile collage as it moves from inspiration to art is now becoming natural to me. Because of this I have been able to make a video of 'Whistling Jacks with Buttercups' that is rich in detail.

5th September 2014

American Pillar grows beside the stone bridge leading to the studio and its bold pink flowers, hanging above the river, are a particularly stunning perch for dragonflies. I am fortunate to have Southern Hawkers in my garden. They patrol the air and then pause on stems and flowers allowing me to appreciate their bright colours and iridescent wings.


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