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Cornwall Crafts Trelowarren 3-2015

Cornwall Crafts Trelowarren

Craftsmanship 2015 exhibition at Trelowarren Gallery brings together the latest work of Cornwall's finest makers.
Open 7 days a week
11.00 am - 4.00 pm until 1st April
10.30 am - 5.00 pm until 14th June
Mawgan in Meneage
Cornwall TR12 6AF
Tel: 01326 221567

Butterfly orchids 6-3-15

Butterfly orchids in art

Butterfly orchids grow among limestone outcrops. Gardening on acid soil, I can relax in the knowledge that my future lies in cultivating orchids in my art not my garden.

My first trout 3-3-15

My first trout textile collage Amanda Richardson Artist

'Trout Stream in Spring', the first fresh water fish in my textile collages. An interesting exercise in suggestion.

Wild orchids 25-2-15

wild orchids textile collage Amanda Richardson Artist

Having visited the Gargano Peninsula in Italy last year I became very excited about the extraordinary array of wild orchids on hillsides strewn with limestone. I now plan series of textile collages exploring the subject.

Milkweed 16-2-15

Milkweed textile collage Amanda Richardson Artist

Milkweed's particular charm is that it is fascinating from the earliest buds to the full blown flowers. I particularly like the changes in colour.


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