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LandScape Magazine photoshoot 28-4-15

LandScape Magazine photoshoot

The freelance photographer Clive Doyle came today to take photographs for a piece in LandScape Magazine. This is for September/October edition so there was to be no reference to spring and my gloriously burgeoning garden. I quickly brought together the elements for a poppy and barley collage, having some poppies in stock from last year. It was a fairly surreal experience to pretend it was autumn but hopefully Clive got some good shots.

Wild Tulips and snowy mountains 27-4-15

Wild Tulips iand snowy mountains

These are Tulipa bakeri on the Plateau of Omalos in the White Mountains of Crete only a few days after snow melt. There were so many flowers it was hard to find somewhere to put my feet. I have grown these tulips in my garden for many years and was hugely excited to see them in the wild in such a spectacular landscape.

Wild Tulips in Crete 24-4-15

Wild Tulips in Crete

Having returned home at 1am I am a little scattered but here is a photograph of me having a very good time in Crete. The island, the tour and the flowers were all excellent. So much to inspire my art. My thanks to Fiona Dunbar of Greentours for this photograph.

leaving for Crete 7-4-15

Just packing, as I leave tomorrow for a guided botanical tour to Crete with Greentours . Hard to imagine I can leave Cornwall when it is looking so fabulous but so will Crete. As long as I have an internet connection I intend to continue posting. Lots of flowers.

Orchids of Monte Sacro

Orchids of Monte Sacro textile collage Amanda Richardson Artist

I have made a video about the orchids of Monte Sacro in Southern Italy and the textile collages I have created from them. You can follow the pieces as they take form in my studio, accompanied to the sounds of birdsong and the bells of Podolico cows that graze the hillsides.

Export Cornwall video 2-4-15

A few weeks ago I took part in a couple of videos for Export Cornwall. These are now online so if you would like to take a look at some of the entrepreneurs of Cornwall here goes

Yellow orchids 27-3-15

Yellow orchids textile collage

The orchids of the Gargano are wonderful in their variety. This one will be growing with Birdsfoot Trefoil in a harmony of yellows.


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