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Gustav Klimt Garden 29-08-19

Gustav Klimt Garden oil painting Amanda Richardson Artist

Finding my 'Arc of Gold' looked just like a Gustav Klimt painting, I thought I would find out what my own oil painting would look like.

Hydrangeas beside Meadow 28-08-19

Hydrangeas beside Meadow oil painting Amanda Richardson Artist

'Hydrangeas beside Meadow' in life and art. The painting I began a couple of weeks ago. I have been waiting for the Hydrangea aspera to fully open its stamen filled flowers.

Crinum Lilies beside River 23-08-19

Crinum Lilies beside River oil painting Amanda Richardson Artist

A clump of Crinum Lilies on the edge of the garden is particularly fine this year. They are the subject of my new painting 'Crinum Lilies beside River'

Gladiolus and Dahlia 21-08-19

Gladiolus and Dahlia oil painting Amanda Richardson Artist

The luxury of working from my own garden is that I can pick the flowers and bring them into the studio for the final finish work on a painting.

Gladioli 20-08-19

Gladioli oil painting Amanda Richardson Artist

The sunshine is back and I could not resist going back into the garden to paint these luscious gladioli.

Summer Garden with Poppies 14-08-19

Summer Garden with Poppies textile collage Amanda Richardson Artist

Rarely does a collage sit on my work table neglected for weeks and then months. Finally re-focused, this piece has made drastic changes. Starting as a foxglove garden, but replaced by poppies as summer developed.

Agapanthus and White Lily 10-08-19

Agapanthus and White Lily oil painting Amanda Richardson Artist

Although most of the painting takes place in the garden, every oil painting is brought back into the studio for 'fine tuning'. I think I am there with 'Agapanthus and White Lily'


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