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Dunwhich Rose with Spider's Web 4-6-15

Dunwhich Rose with Spider's Web textile collage

Waking to the dawn chorus on summer mornings I often put in crazy hours. That was particularly so during Open Studios as it was easier to work before I started welcoming visitors. At that hour cobwebs are still damp with dew and this one, caught between rose buds particularly delighted me. I hope you like the textile square that has resulted.…/dunwich-rose-spiders-web

A studio window in summer 3-6-15

A studio window in summer

Clearly I should have pruned my climbers more vigorously last winter as the view from the studio is gradually vanishing. Thank goodness for the skylights.

Whistling Jacks 2-15

Whistling Jacks textile collage Amanda Richardson Artist

Having decided to continue working on my collages during Open Studios Cornwall, I chose the Whistling Jacks that are flowering just outside my studio. A slug had nibbled through a stem, selecting my flowers for me.

Cow plaque with roses around 26-5-15

Cow Plaque with roses around

Even the cow plaque is adorned with flowers to welcome visitors to the studio. Originally a watermill, my house became a milk factory in 1890 when this wonderful terracotta cow was installed.

Squacco Art for Cornwall Open Studios 25-5-15

Squacco Art for Cornwall Open Studios 2015

Although it was a challenge to finish my Squacco Art in time for Open Studios, here it is. I shall be taking a couple of days off but open again from 11-5 Thursday 28th -Sunday 31st. For those who cannot come to see my Squacco collage in person it can be found on my website at…/squacco-heron-cornish-p…
Amanda Richardson Artist's photo.

The Road to Bottoms 22-5-15

The road to Bottoms is lined with flowers, so I hope lots of people will follow the signs for Open Studios and find my studio in its quiet valley. There is so much to see.

Squacco Art for Cornwall Open Studios 21-5-15

Squacco Art for Cornwall Open Studios 2015

Absurd as it is to take on such a complicated piece of art just before Open Studios, I am multi-tasking like crazy to make sure both Squacco Art, and studio are ready to welcome visitors by Saturday.

Nature and Art in the far west of Cornwall 20-5-15

Nature and Art in the far west of Cornwall

There is never a lovelier time to be in Cornwall and to add to this Cornwall Open Studios is about to begin. I shall be open from 11-5 from Saturday 23rd - Monday 25th and Thursday 28th - Sunday 31st. You will see signs everywhere including lots to lead you to my door where I am sharing my space with Francesca Stella who creates wonderful bead jewellery of birds and flowers. We are 11 and 12 in the catalogue. So for everyone who can come to the far west of Cornwall this is the perfect opportunity, an abundance of nature and art where ever you turn.


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