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Treryn Dinas 12-5-15

Treryn Dinas with bluebells and squills

I walked down the valley to Treryn Dinas early this May morning with the sun shining. The flowers are wonderful there each spring but I have never seen a finer show, all with the backdrop of surging waves against a granite shore.

Squacco Heron 11-5-15

Squacco Heron

A visitor came to my garden last week for a little light fishing. A rare visitor to Britain, the Squacco Heron comes from the Southern Mediterranean. My pond and surrounds are looking particularly gorgeous at present with flowers bursting into bloom so I feel I must create a collage to celebrate this unique moment in my garden's history.

Wisteria at Trelissick 7-5-15

Wisteria at Trelissick

Delivering work to Cornwall Crafts Association at Trelissick I wandered into the garden to see if the wisterias were in flower. As you can see they are perfect, and for anyone in Cornwall they and the gallery are worth a visit.

Poppy Field 5-5-15

Poppy Field textile collage

A soggy Bank Holiday weekend (much needed rain) encouraged devotion to the studio and my poppy field is thriving.

Botanical Tour of Crete 1-5-15

Botanical Tour of Crete

This video offers a flavour of the botanical tour to Crete with Greentours The leaders offered expert knowledge, good humour and enthusiasm. They took us to stunning places with extraordinary flowers. A wealth of material for my future work. If anyone is interested in plants in the landscape in the wider world check them out.

Field Poppies 30-4-15

Field Poppies textile collage

Having begun a mock-up of Field Poppies for the photographer on Tuesday it seemed crazy not to continue so out of season as it is here a new collage of Field Poppies and Barley taking shape on the table.

LandScape Magazine photoshoot 28-4-15

LandScape Magazine photoshoot

The freelance photographer Clive Doyle came today to take photographs for a piece in LandScape Magazine. This is for September/October edition so there was to be no reference to spring and my gloriously burgeoning garden. I quickly brought together the elements for a poppy and barley collage, having some poppies in stock from last year. It was a fairly surreal experience to pretend it was autumn but hopefully Clive got some good shots.

Wild Tulips and snowy mountains 27-4-15

Wild Tulips iand snowy mountains

These are Tulipa bakeri on the Plateau of Omalos in the White Mountains of Crete only a few days after snow melt. There were so many flowers it was hard to find somewhere to put my feet. I have grown these tulips in my garden for many years and was hugely excited to see them in the wild in such a spectacular landscape.


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