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Clematis integrifolia 8-7-15

One of my favourite flowers of The Altai, clematis integrifolia scrambles over rocks and looks loveliest in their shade where it takes on a ghost-like quality, hauntingly beautiful.

Arranging white flowers

Arranging white flowers,textile collage

Having placed the main flowers first, I shall now build up the foliage, all the way down to the shadowed depths.

Sky and white campion 2-7-15

sky and white campion textile collage

Returning to an interrupted piece of art can be tricky, but I always find skies fascinating so have begun by dying the clouds to go with the white foxglove and poppy piece. Now I am moving onto white campion. Let us hope all this looks good together, if not there is a wealth of lovely flowers in the garden to gather.

Peonies, Kablinski Hills 30-6-15

Peonies, Kablinski Hills

Peonies in the Kablinski Hills was our first introduction to Kazakhstan, with all its rolling expanses of grassland and pockets of richness.

Back from The Altai 29-6-15

Amanda Richardson in The Altai Mountains, Kazakhstan

I AM BACK. This is about the only photo of me 'in the field' while bathing an injured leg in the warm, healing radon waters of the spa below Rakhmanovskie Pass. This is a surreal place up an almost infinitely long and VERY rough mountain dirt road, to be greeted by something between a Bond movie set and Disney. Things improved beyond the entrance, including this very civilised little shelter where I dangled my feet while contemplating the wild flowers and warm, flowing stream. — at The Altai Mountains Kazakhstan.

Foxgloves buds 11-6-15

Foxglove buds textile collage

The fastest changes to my foxglove stem will happen with the buds so I am starting at the top. I have dyed fabrics for the speckles inside each flower.

White Foxglove in Studio

White Foxglove in Studio

White foxgloves are opening in the garden and I have brought this one into the studio to work from. I thought you might this view of it with a backdrop of 'Green Waves Gwenver'


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