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Silks for an olive tree

Hand dyed silks for an olive tree collage

These silks have been dyed and patterned for the trunk of an ancient tree that has been split and bleached by many seasons.

Drawing for Anemones in Olive Grove 26/12/14

Drawing for Anemones in Olive Grove

There are times when I plunge straight into a collage but more often there is a planning stage where the weight and movement of the composition is decided in a pencil drawing. This is the design for Anemones in Olive Grove. An ancient olive tree is playing a central role, its trunk split by time.

St Piran Anemones 18/12/14

St Piran Anemones

St Piran Anemones are a Cornish variety of a Mediterranean flower. They are grown in the Penberth Valley and I bought these in the Farmers' Market. As we approach midwinter I plan to create an olive grove full of scarlet flowers. Lots of saturated colour and sunshine.

Detail of Wave 15/12/14

textile collage Detail of Wave

The foaming crest of the wave is formed of many intricately cut, curving shapes, built up in layers of hand-dyed fabrics with differing textures.

building a wave 11/12/14

textile collage, building a wave

This foaming wave is beginning to take form. The weave of the blue-green satins runs in different directions so that the clear water will glint and shift as you walk by.

Bluebell Meadow with Orchids

textile collage 'Bluebell Meadow with Orchids'

Although I always encourage people to commission a completely original textile collage, there are times when the subject is perfect but the dimensions are not. Bluebell Meadow with Orchids is such a piece. This original piece is still available on my website at

textile collage 'Bluebell Meadow with Orchids 2'

I have adapted the subject of 'Bluebell Meadow with Orchids' to fit a horizontal format. It is a new piece of art with its own composition, and hopefully has the enthusiasm and energy of the first version.


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