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Agapanthus beside a sandy bay 4-9-15

Agapanthus beside a sandy bay, beginning a textile collage

This is a very different setting for my second Agapanthus collage, with granite boulders in the foreground and a sandy bay beyond. Everything is light and openness and air.

Bees and the Single Dahlia

Bees and the Single Dahlia

The National Dahlia Collection at Varfell grows within sight of St Michael's Mount in Cornwall. The field is filled with colour, with the dahlias taking many different forms. This year the single flowers were particularly fascinating to me and the bees. As you can see from this tiny video there was quite a buzz.

Knapweed 26-8-15

Knapweed textile collage

Knapweed has chosen to grow in my garden and although a 'wild flower' I have come to realise it is a real favourite with insects, so have welcomed a swath of these rich purple flowers. A collage of Knapweed with golden grasses and lots of bees is my plan for these flowers.

Hydrangea aspera in studio 24-8-15

Hydrangea aspera in studio

This wonderful Hydrangea aspera was flowering next to the dark blue Agapanthus outside the studio and I loved the combination, so now it has come inside and Hydrangea flowers are joining the collection.

Dark Blue Agapanthus 21-8-15

Dark Blue Agapanthus textile collage

Deep, saturated blue; agapanthuses are surely one of the best flowers at celebrating blue. I am now planning three different scenarios to present them, but will carry on working frantically to capture their beauty before completing any artworks.

Love-in-the-mist 18-8-15

Love-in-the-mist  textile collage

Love-in-the-mist as companion to the white Romneya Poppies and blue Agapanthus. I like the wiry structure of Nigella that will complement the more substantial flowers.


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