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Hydrangea aspera in studio 24-8-15

Hydrangea aspera in studio

This wonderful Hydrangea aspera was flowering next to the dark blue Agapanthus outside the studio and I loved the combination, so now it has come inside and Hydrangea flowers are joining the collection.

Dark Blue Agapanthus 21-8-15

Dark Blue Agapanthus textile collage

Deep, saturated blue; agapanthuses are surely one of the best flowers at celebrating blue. I am now planning three different scenarios to present them, but will carry on working frantically to capture their beauty before completing any artworks.

Love-in-the-mist 18-8-15

Love-in-the-mist  textile collage

Love-in-the-mist as companion to the white Romneya Poppies and blue Agapanthus. I like the wiry structure of Nigella that will complement the more substantial flowers.

Agapanthus 17-8-15

Agapanthus textile collage

Everywhere I turn in Cornwall there seem to be Agapanthuses in magnificent bloom, lingering memories of last year's perfect summer skies. Some are indeed sky blue, others as deep as indigo. These are the first I have been working from but with so much abundance I am inspired to a series of saturated blue.

Butterflies in The Altai VIDEO 14-8-15

A botanical tour of The Altai Mountains of Kazakhstan in June 2015 was made more fascinating by the wealth of butterflies, some familiar, others excitingly new. I came to a new appreciation of white butterflies, most notably the Apollo with its lovely markings and translucent wings. Many will enter my art, but enjoy them first in this short introduction to the butterflies of this corner of Kazakhstan.

Studio with blue flowers 13-8-15

Studio with blue flowers

The garden has some stunning blue flowers at present and I see them as perfect companions for the white Romneya in my latest collage. The Love-on-the mist are particularly intriguing and each flower has an extraordinary number of parts.

Romneya 10-8-15

Romneya textile collage

Romneya poppies, with their crinkled petals and intensely golden stamens have always been a favourite of mine, but not until this year have I had success in bringing them to flowering in the garden. Now they have entered the studio too, and another white poppy collage has begun; it will be interesting to see how it takes on its own personality, they always do.

Painted Lady with Campanula 5-8-15

Painted Lady with Campanula - textile collage Amanda Richardson Artist

Balance is essential to any piece of art and butterflies are flying into my current collage to bring just the needed light and shade and colour as 'Yellow Lilies with Campanula (and butterflies)' nears completion.

Painted Lady for Yellow Lilies 4-8-15

My yellow lilies are in need of a Painted Lady. I took the camera into the garden to stalk the butterflies and a Painted Lady landed on the Knapweed, a favoured flower with many insects.


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