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Stipa and Knapweed 25-9-15

Stipa and Knapweed  textile collage

Stipa tenuissima is forming generous mounds around the Knapweed. So far much of the definition of the grasses has come through dyeing the fabrics, but now for the fine cutting of hair-width lengths of satin for this most ephemeral of grasses.

A buzz of bees 23-9-15

A buzz of bees textile collage

There is a big buzz amongst the Knapweed. Now both flowers and bees need the bed of golden grasses from which they will emerge.

Agapanthus with grasses 15-9-15

Agapanthus with grasses - textile collage in process

Introducing grasses behind the Agapanthus has been a dainty business. I find grasses leaven a composition, cutting across and segmenting solid areas without obscuring them.

Agapanthus leaves 11-9-15

Agapanthus leaves - textile collage

It is easy to assume flowers are the real challenge in creating a piece of art but the leaves can require just as much thought.

Agapanthus beside a sandy bay 9-9-15

Agapanthus beside a sandy bay - collage in process

This collage with Agapanthus beside a sandy bay is taking firmer form, although all elements may shift and change as the piece comes together.


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