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Chysanthemums and Butterfles 20-11-15

Chysanthemums and Butterfles textile collage in process

The final tonal values of my art can only be seen when hung vertically. As flowers and insects are completed in collage, I often pin them to a vertical board so that I can see what I have to work with.

Faded Red Chrysanthemums 18-11-15

When looking at these Chrysanthemums I see them as faded red overlaid with silver. Another interpretation would be that they are pink. I am now pondering what the difference between these is. When translating the flowers into fabric it is certainly a difference that will influence my choices.

Orange Chrysanthemums 17-11-15

Orange Chrysanthemums  textile collage in process

It seems I find Chrysanthemums irresitible, particularly those with incurving petals. Describing these curves upon curves has taken a while to come to terms with, but now I am really enjoying the task.

Romneya and Agapanthus 6-11-15

Having worked on the crisp white Romneya flowers and the blue Agapanthus during the long days of summer, I am now bringing them together under a summer sky despite the November gloom outside. The miracle of art.

Romneya Leaves 3-11-15

Romneya Leaves textile collage

Before the leaves fade I am returning to the Romneya and Agapanthus collage, the third in the Agapanthus series. Perhaps, in this study of blue and white, there will be a place for a blue butterfly.

Blue Butterflies 30-10-15

Blue Butterflies textile collage Amanda Richardson Artist

It took a five hour power outage for me to get my head around the dye-work for these blue butterflies. Kept from my iron, I had time to focus on the minutiae of spots, speckles and veining, all carried out with a 000 Diana Kolinsky sable brush.

Elder square 27-10-15

Although I feel autumn is slipping away, the last elder berries are rich and dark and alluring. As soon as they are fully formed a butterfly will come and perch among the shining berries.

Butterflies 22-10-15

Red Admiral, Painted Lady and Peacock, I am expanding my flight of butterflies.


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