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Fern against Water 11-05-18

positioning fern against water textile collage Amanda Richardson Artist

Having created the initial dye-work for the river, I am trying out the unfurling fern and mossy bank to see how the composition will work.

Unfurling fern 9-05-18

Unfurling fern textile collage Amanda Richardson Artist

Ferns are unfurling all along the river bank and through the garden. Surely it is one of the most engaging sights of spring.

Cornwall Open Studios is coming 30-04-18

I am preparing for Cornwall Open Studios which opens on 19th May and runs until 28th. I shall be open 11-5 each day except Tuesday and Wednesday. I do hope you can visit. To give an idea of the experience, here is a video I made last year.

Gorse 16-04-18

Gorse textile collage Amanda Richardson Artist

Cornish Spring flowers are finally filling the landscape with colour and I am preparing for a new collage. Silver and gold top our hedges and stretch across the cliffs. Gorse and Blackthorn are so lavish in their flowering and so very well defended with prickles and thorns.


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