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mountain stream 5-12-17

mountain stream textile collage

A boulder strewn stream leading down from the mountains is to be the setting for meconopsis and rhododendrons.

mountains 1-12-17

mountains in disperse dyes

Moody mountains were the backdrop to all our travels in the Eastern Himalayas this summer. This challenging dye-work reflects the experience. You can see the mirror image on the paper on which I painted the dyes before heat transferring them to polyester satin.

Rhododendrons and Meconopsis 27-11-17

Rhododendrons and Meconopsis textile collage

Mauve dwarf rhododendrons will accompany the meconopsis in my new collage. I came to think of them as the Himalayan equivalent of our heather, carpeting whole mountainsides.

Tiger Lilies 7-11-17

Tiger lilies textile collage Amanda Richardson Artist

Tiger lilies are to the be the focus for the last of my current series of hummingbird collages. I saw them growing with scarlet paintbrush in Mount Rainier National Park last year. That was a dynamic colour combination.

Calliope on Mt Rainier 28-10-17

Calliope on Mt Rainier textile collage Amanda Richardson Artist

The patience of the little Calliope Hummingbird has been rewarded. Here he is on the slopes of Mount Rainier with Magenta Paintbrush. The Pink Mountain Heather should bloom in a few more days.


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