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Lace-cap Hydrangeas 01-08-18

Lace-cap Hydrangeas textile collage Amanda Richardson Artist

Of particular interest here is the background. I have dyed a velvet that started as navy blue but has really come to life with more colours added. They show up surprisingly well.

Poppy Dawn Chorus 24-07-18

Poppy Dawn Chorus textile collage Amanda Richardson Aritst

The ephemeral poppy Dawn Chorus is another flower I have brought into the studio to use in my art before it fades.

Gladiolus nanus 21-07-18

Gladiolus nanus texile collage Amanda Richardson Artist

Another white flower brought into the studio to work from before it fades away in our hot sunny summer.

White Spider Chrysanthemum 13-7-18

White Spider Chrysanthemum for textile collage Amanda Richardson Artist

Finding this Spider Chrysanthemum irresistible, I have brought it into the studio and begun the cool white flowers. I seem to be moving into a white flower phase.


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