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Mahonia in yellow jug 23-01-20

Mahonia in yellow jug oil painting still life Amanda Richardson Artist

Mahonia in yellow jug. Just treated myself to this jug and am entirely in love with it. Mahonia seemed the perfect flower, echoing the chartreuse of the glaze.

painting rowan berries with kantha shawl 3-01-20

 rowan berries with kantha shawl oil painting Amanda Richardson Artist

The kantha shawl comes from my trip to India three years ago, the rowan berries from a tree grown from a berry. I love associations of objects with memories, and this series of still life paintings will be loaded.

Autumn Garden with Hesperantha 20-12019

Autumn Garden with Hesperantha textile collage Amanda Richardson Artist

With the edition of Michaelmas Daisies in the foreground you can see how the composition links together. Only fine details remain to be added. I often spend days on this fine-tuning.

Background grasses 13-12-19

Background grasses textile collage Amanda Richardson Artist

The complex layering of the background makes a huge difference to the final sense of richness and depth in a collage. Here I am working with grasses and Michaelmas daisies.

Hesperantha 10-12-19

Hesperantha textile collage Amanda Richardson Artist

A cheering site for a gloomy December day and just what I need for my new collage. This plant has shifted its name several times through my lifetime and has currently settled on Hesperantha coccinea. Let us hope, by writing it here I can keep it in my head.


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