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Lilies and Marigolds 30-07-19

Lilies and Marigolds oil painting Amanda Richardson Artist

The marigolds I am growing this year are a lovely mix of rusty oranges and creams, perfect to join my golden lilies.

golden lilies 29-07-19

Golden Lilies oil painting Amanda Richardson Artist

Golden Lilies, a magnificent presence in the garden. They are fading fast but I have captured them in this oil painting which is part of my 'arc of gold' series. I planted this new part of the flower garden in June and it is full of promise. An arc of gold that will be back-lit by the afternoon sun.

Tithonia 25-07-19

Tithonia oil painting Amanda Richardson Artist

The painting of Tithonia that I showed a corner of yesterday. I love that saturated orange.

Painting Gladioli and Roses 22-07-19

Painting Gladioli and Roses oil painting Amanda Richardson Artist

Just come in from the garden, realising I shall have to wait until tomorrow to finish this painting. It is three times the size of the others and is a composite of two parts of my vegetable garden (obviously flowers too) that I am combining as I go. Enjoying the process but best to finish it when I am fresh.


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