Zoe Kovacs is a sculptor living in Cornwall and carving in stone. Her new series of work is very free and immediate, sketching in stone, particularly tufa.

Giant bamboo is harvested as a delicious edible crop. Visiting China in spring we saw baskets of shoots for sale, and slices drying in the street in baskets and on washing lines.

Kestrels, confident of their own abilities, are not shy of people who pass through their territory along the coast of Cornwall. There is often a chance to see them hover and plunge and soar. All with a backdrop of the Atlantic Ocean.

Birds are an integral part of Chinese village life with their constant presence in and among the houses, and in the paintings and carvings on traditional buildings

A house in Yuyuan village in which the traditional art of calligraphy is practiced in retirement by the owner, whose experience has spanned so much of modern Chinese cultural history.

Wildlife as garden ornament is perhaps the perfect choice for a Canadian Island garden. Make a pond, occasionally cut the grass, and sit back and watch. This Great Blue Heron on Quadra Island has come to terms with visiting a pond only a few meters from a house; the fishing is just so tempting. Tough on the salamanders going down its gullet but that is wild gardening, accepting life comes and goes in a natural rhythm.

Melissa Calohan is an artist in glass and metal. Many of her exquisite miniature sculptures of beetles, spiders and flies are wearable art. The iridescent quality of these bugs is captured in dichroic glass that shimmers and changes, bringing the pins to life and creating the most intriguing of jewellery.

Solar lights have brought a whole new element into my garden, encouraging me to experience dusk and darkness in the summer warmth.

Fun and Art and tasty too.

A delight of traditional Chinese gardens is the way the eye is led through spaces framed by windows and doors, themselves works of art.