This Giantlaughing Thrush was delightful bird intent on gathering insects for its brood while I watched it among the flowers and grasses of a moist mountain meadow.

Expecting rain in the monsoon month of July, I was thrilled to see snow falling as we drove ever higher in the Chola Shan in the eastern Himalayas. We stopped at a high pass where jewel like fragments of flowers showed through the white covering.

Many of the flowers in the Himalayas are at their finest during the monsoon. To fully enjoy their beauty I had to come to terms with a rain-soaked aesthetic in which drops of water were caught on the hairs of Meconopsis and held on the tips of petals.

In high summer I take my lunch to eat in the courtyard between house and garden. Here there is a swaying, a buzzing and a fluttering of flowers and bees and butterflies. I find a happy tranquility that I thought I would share.

The Tibetans harness air, stone and water, the elements of their land, to reach out in perpetual prayers. A side stream slipping into the Yulong River in the Eastern Himalayas provides power for these water driven prayer wheels. From gleaming brass wheels newly installed, to other older styles, the prayer wheels reach up the mountainside; forever turning.

A flower rich meadow on the slopes of the Eastern Himalayas had a small herd of goats eating away. They were however browsing not grazing, reaching up, not down for their chosen delicacies. Goats, flowers and mountains; it was quite a place.

Mani stones, prayers carved in stone, are a form of devotional land art in the Himalayas. They are met with along roadsides and rivers, or placed together to form mounds and long walls, an offering to spirits of place.

Early May is bursting with leaf and flower and song. Walking down through the Penberth Valley there is the continuous sound of the river together with the birds singing through the woodland. On reaching the sea the murmuring of quiet waves accompanies the birds of moorland and rocky shores.

At this time of year the Robin nearest my house becomes very bold, demanding food for his fledglings.

Enjoy the opulent iridescence of this gorgeous guy. For anyone offering a dating service, he is a pheasant still looking for his hen.