Loving colour, and gardening on the wild side, I am surrounded by flowers. Bees have taken notice and become my near companions in both garden and house, although when it comes to accommodation they are very discreet in their ways and we live in harmony.

This is a video I made during Cornwall Open Studios in 2017. It gives a taste of the experience of visiting my studio and the bird and flower filled garden outside. I shall be open again in 2018 beginning on 19th May.

There is a moment in Spring when the Bottom Lands are bathed in blossom. Within my garden I can walk along a path beside the Penberth River where Blackthorn and Crab-apple, Magnolias and Camellias all fill the valley with their flowering.

Visiting the rain forests of southern Mexico I was enchanted by the rich array of trees and also the gorgeous wildlife they supported. Spider and Howler monkeys climbed high in the canopy to reach flowers to eat while birds, butterflies and bats also made the branches their home. My greatest enthusiasm was for the Iguanas, the males resplendent in courting colours.

Bonampak is deep in the rain forest of Chiapas, southern Mexico. This is an ancient archaeological site of great beauty, with remarkable murals within the buildings. I also found so much that was fascinating outside, with local people dancing and making music, while a rich array of wildlife flew and walked among the stones and trees.

The market in San Cristobal in Chiapas ,Mexico is full of women selling hand-crafted textiles. The work is full of colour and vitality and variety, reflecting these women's culture and traditions and also the world around them in which birds and bugs and animals fill the flowering trees with life. If you ever get a chance, visit San Cristobal and take lots of Pesos to spend in the market, I only wish I had taken more.

Narlai is a village in Rajasthan in India and is most notable for the magnificent outcrops of rock all around the village and the many temples. For all the colour and beauty around us, what is most treasured as a memory is the heard of sacred cows walking around the edge of a lake, quietly living their lives in what seemed close to paradise.

Visiting a small lake in the Eastern Himalayas, fed by tumbling, rock-strewn streams, I was entranced by the miniature worlds growing on each rock. Rhododendrons, Meconopsis and Primulas were in bloom; with a backdrop of mountains all around.

Solar fountains are dependent on sunshine to flow, and so in the dappled light of my garden they continually change shape. Sometimes they are no more than a gurgle, then they plume up in sunlit sparkles. This shape shifting is hypnotically fascinating and adds to the 'theatre' of my courtyard gardens.

A winding mountain road in the Himalayas led to meadows of flowers above a line of pilgrims making their way to a holy site. Dri grazed among the primulas, together with their calves. All with a magnificent back-drop of mountains.