Superbly scented yellow lilies grow in my garden and were a joy to have in the studio, filling the air with perfume. I have created a textile collage of the lilies, weaving them together with Campanula lactiflora and Peacock and Painted Lady butterflies that flew into the composition. Enjoy high summer inspired by a Cornish garden and celebrated in hand-dyed silks, satins and velvets.

The Iron Age cliff fort of Treryn Dinas is a granite promontory with spectacular views of ocean waves breaking over pale golden sand. In late spring bluebells and seapinks fill every crevice with colour. I have created a textile collage of this spectacular combination of ocean, lichened rocks and flowers.

The Gargano Peninsula in Southern Italy is famed for its wild orchids. I have created a series of textile collages of the orchids as they emerge from among limestone boulders. You can follow the pieces as they take form in my studio, accompanied to the sounds of birdsong and the bells of Podolico cows that graze the hillsides.

There is a particular elegance to the waves that curve into Whitesands Bay at Gwenver. They seem to weave together in a stately dance. In this textile collage I describe the interacting forms in hand-dyed, light reflective fabrics that shift and change like the sea.

Seeking an antidote to January, I have created 'Red Anemones in Olive Grove' a textile collage full of summer sunlight that shifts and changes as you walk by

The rich surfaces and light reflection of my textile collages are particularly suited to creating the dynamic qualities of moving water. The wave curves through deep sea-greens and teal then crashes in intricately cut foam of silk, satin and velvet.

I have a particular love for the delicate blooms of camellia 'Rainbow' that flowers in winter. Hand-dyed silks and satins capture the blushing from white to pink on the tip of each petal, with velvet describing the rich crown of stamens.

The leaves on my maple tree turn many different shades of crimson and yellow. I have been watching them float down-stream. The challenge in this textile collage was to convey the leaves beneath and on the surface of the river. Added to this I have, for the first time, strung the overhanging grasses with a spider's web. It shimmers, fading and re-appearing in changing light.

The oak woods that line the banks of tidal estuaries on Cornwall's south coast have a particular beauty. I hope I have conveyed something of this in my textile collage 'Overhanging Oak'.

Autumn in my garden is celebrated with grasses and apples. In this textile collage I have brought them together in an exuberant display of colour and movement. I have hand dyed silks and velvets to create the patterns of red and green and gold on each apple. Fluffy heads of miscanthus flowers explode through the fruit laden boughs.