Visiting Washington State in 2016 I was inspired to work on a series of collages, both of flower filled wild landscapes and of gardens, each with a hummingbird as its focus. This video takes you through the making of a Calliope Hummingbird in textile collage.

Camellia 'Bob Hope' grows in my garden with a backdrop of the shimmering light and sound of bamboo. Songbirds use the camellia for shelter and its flowers as a source of insects for their young. All this creates a theatre of spring drama from which I have created a textile collage.

From design to finished artwork, this video takes you through the creation of the commissioned collage 'Anna and the Foxes' which explores the natural beauty of the West Side of San Juan Island in Washington State.

Through the long days of summer I brought the blue and white flowers of Agapanthus, Romneya and Nigella into my studio, creating their likenesses in textile collage. Although winter has now come I have balanced these elements below a blue sky with billowing clouds. Blue butterflies dance in the air, and I can feel the delight of summer despite the gloom outside.

Buzzards often fly overhead, but there are closer encounters with the birds that use the windswept hawthorn trees along our quiet roads for perches. They fly up as cars approach, dwarfing the hawthorns.

Knapweed arrived uninvited in my garden but is beloved by bees so I have come to love it too. Its dark stems reach up through Stipa tenuissima with its fine hair-like stems and flowers. The shifting light through the grasses is reflected in my textile collage and you can almost hear the buzzing of the bees.

Deep blue Agapanthus have been flowering just outside my studio, together with Hydrangea aspera with its lace-like flower heads in moonlight colours. Entranced by this combination, I have created a textile collage that explores the patterns and colours of these plants in hand-dyed fabrics.

Superbly scented yellow lilies grow in my garden and were a joy to have in the studio, filling the air with perfume. I have created a textile collage of the lilies, weaving them together with Campanula lactiflora and Peacock and Painted Lady butterflies that flew into the composition. Enjoy high summer inspired by a Cornish garden and celebrated in hand-dyed silks, satins and velvets.

The Iron Age cliff fort of Treryn Dinas is a granite promontory with spectacular views of ocean waves breaking over pale golden sand. In late spring bluebells and seapinks fill every crevice with colour. I have created a textile collage of this spectacular combination of ocean, lichened rocks and flowers.

The Gargano Peninsula in Southern Italy is famed for its wild orchids. I have created a series of textile collages of the orchids as they emerge from among limestone boulders. You can follow the pieces as they take form in my studio, accompanied to the sounds of birdsong and the bells of Podolico cows that graze the hillsides.